A Vision for Avondale Heights

Let us not miss this historical opportunity to build a heart for our community, it’s now or never!

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this letter; may be it is an important step helping to change our community for the better. In the past, Avondale Heights Action Group has managed to accomplish a lot; everyone’s efforts have prevented our TAFE site turning into another suburban ghetto. Avondale Heights Action Group has also managed to bring our residents together for a sole common purpose, to make our community a better place. All residents should be grateful for and proud of the tireless efforts of the volunteers who have put time, effort and money into the campaigns.

AvondaleMasterplan2-960x540 (1)

As a result of these efforts, PLACES VICTORIA and AUSTRALAND have now come back to our community with another idea, namely to develop 135 two-story housing blocks on the TAFE site; the problem with this idea is not only that it won’t have any positive impact, but also that it actually robs our suburb and all of its residents of a great opportunity. Given that the TAFE site is actually at the heart and centre of our suburb and that it houses the local library, kindergarten and sports centre, as well as the local primary school across the road – we actually now have the unique chance to transform this central site into a living centre, into something much better – a true heart for our community.

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Extending Tram Route 57

Numerous proposals have been made for improvements to the Melbourne tram network, the largest such network in the world. Nearly all of these have been for track extensions of existing lines to service new areas and suburbs.

Now the Victorian Greens again propose these extensions in their Tram Connections Backgrounder.

As part of these plans, Route 57 would be extended 5.5km from its current terminus in Maribyrnong along Canning Street and Milleara Road before reaching a new terminus at the Keilor East shopping precinct.

Unfortunately they currently are in no position to deliver…


The New Footscray

SMH, 13/8/2013 by Simon Johanson

A pocket of Footscray will become a satellite city of 5000 people living in more than a dozen high-rise towers after recent amendments to Melbourne’s planning scheme.

But the new scheme may allow towers up to 25 storeys high on the banks of the Maribyrnong River, prompting anger from nearby residents.

Planning Minister Matthew Guy has cemented controls for a small sandwich of land between the Maribyrnong River, Hopkins Street and Williamstown railway line that is set to become a forest of 18 tall buildings near Footscray’s town centre.

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