A Vision for Avondale Heights

Let us not miss this historical opportunity to build a heart for our community, it’s now or never!

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this letter; may be it is an important step helping to change our community for the better. In the past, Avondale Heights Action Group has managed to accomplish a lot; everyone’s efforts have prevented our TAFE site turning into another suburban ghetto. Avondale Heights Action Group has also managed to bring our residents together for a sole common purpose, to make our community a better place. All residents should be grateful for and proud of the tireless efforts of the volunteers who have put time, effort and money into the campaigns.

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As a result of these efforts, PLACES VICTORIA and AUSTRALAND have now come back to our community with another idea, namely to develop 135 two-story housing blocks on the TAFE site; the problem with this idea is not only that it won’t have any positive impact, but also that it actually robs our suburb and all of its residents of a great opportunity. Given that the TAFE site is actually at the heart and centre of our suburb and that it houses the local library, kindergarten and sports centre, as well as the local primary school across the road – we actually now have the unique chance to transform this central site into a living centre, into something much better – a true heart for our community.

Nothing like what Moonee Valley City Council has proposed.  Their “mini piazza at the back of these planned housing blocks” is more a joke than a useful solution. We believe that a real and full sized PIAZZA or a marketplace should be placed in the centre of the TAFE site; where water fountains could be surrounded by a mix of local shops and especially restaurants to make this space viable and fill it with life. We envision this area as a central community space – a hub that should include tables and chairs, umbrellas, cafes, shops or ice cream stores. From time to time it could become a community market or a place for local artists to gather and showcase their works, and always it should be a place for local residents of all ages to have a coffee, communicate, gather and relax.

Given the emerging new political constellations, this is a historical opportunity to achieve such a vision if we all do not give up now and continue to fight for making Avondale Heights a better place. We can transform Avondale Heights into a vibrant community with a true heart and soul – there should be more to life here than a Highpoint Shopping Centre.

That’s why we should not accept the current proposal. We should reject it in favour of a new vision and send it back to the drawing board. If you share our vision and support the agenda, please reply to our email simply with a YES or a comment!  If you feel we are wrong and you do not support our vision – we would still like to hear from you, please reply with NO or a comment!


Thanks & best regards

Belinda Webb – webb_belinda@bigpond.com
Dimitri Andreevski – dandreevski@optusnet.com.au
Gert Harry Grondowski – ghg@choiceplus.com.au
Hendo Yudo – yudo_hendro@cat.com
Jannene Bliss – jannene.bliss@mgc.com.au
Kate Asher – kate_asher88@outlook.com
Ngoc Diep Tran – 0414/548718
Ordan Andreevski – ordan@optusnet.com.au
Peter Slaven – slaven_peter@bigpond.com
Russell Pilven – rustyp510@bigpond.com
Theresia Wulianadi – wulianadi@gmail.com
Tim Skolarikis – 93174314

Email: voicesofavondale@gmail.com

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